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We believe in making school fundraising as easy, enjoyable & effective as possible. Combining the latest technology with an awesome 'grow your own garden' system that helps students learn while having fun - they'll raise more money for the school than ever before.

Students receive sponsorship from friends & family for growing their garden either online or via text, with the students fundraising page & the school's page being updated in real time. It's also not just about raising more money for the school than ever before as during the fundraiser each student is kept motivated with a range of games & challenges while earning tickets to redeem towards a range of charitable gifts. They stay motivated by not only helping the school but helping a range of great causes - from sponsoring planting a native tree to buying a vege garden for a family in need in Africa.

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How the Fundraiser Works

We'll work with you to plan a date & build excitement around the fundraiser

Students receive their info packs so they can setup their own fundraising page & get their Mini Garden

Donations are received by text & online then deposited directly into the schools bank account once the fundraiser is complete

Motivate in a Unique Way

We all know that it's better to give than receive & giving that makes a real change to the world and people around us is even better. We motivate students by having them earn tickets that can be redeemed for a wide range of charitable gifts that make a real difference - like funding a community vege garden in Africa or planting a native tree right here in NZ. By giving back not only to the school but also to the world around them it generates excitement & teaches our kids a valuable lesson for life.

Why Freedawn?

Risk Free

We don't have set fee's or charges & rather work on a percentage of the total raised - to make sure there's no risk to your school.

Unlock Greater Donations

With online donations you'll see an increase both in the average donation value & number of donations received. Everyone can easily donate from friends down the road, to grandparents on the other side of the world.

Real Time Stats

See donations as they're received in real time & view the top students, classes & school houses. Easily motivate & reward students as your campaign is happening

Pay it Forward

Students earn tickets to purchase charitable gifts for those in need, from planting a native tree here in NZ to buying a vege garden for someone in need in Africa - they are motivated by not only helping the school but helping other great causes.


We work with you to ensure your fundraiser is a success. We provide you with parent letters, info brochures, class certificates & more while giving you all the training you need to ensure you raise the maximum amount with the least effort.


Keep students engaged right throughout the fundraising event with automated competitions & spot prizes. This is a fundraiser your students will actually love to participate in!

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