Hi from us!

So this is our little snippet about who we are and how Freedawn came about. I won’t make it too long because I have pies in the oven, just joking they’re actually scones. Okay okay I’m not actually baking at all but to be fair I don’t mind the odd scone lol, Nana used to make some pearlers.

Now enough about scones where was I, oh yeah Freedawn and how it came about…

We wanted to build a company where we were excited to come to work every day because we were making a genuine contribution to the betterment of humanity, wow pretty big dream aye?! It’s totally true!
Over about three years of continually evolving a business concept that could deliver that goal we ended up at what you see now, Freedawn - Tada!

Through Freedawn we can work with awesome like minded people who are out there and ready to push themselves for a great cause. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to fundraise and for people to give. Everyone gets to feel great, the fundraisers are achieving awesome challenges, the pledges are supporting great people and causes, and the charities and schools are putting the funds raised into motion within our communities, and p.s that all makes us at Freedawn feel pretty amazing.

Thank you for your awesomeness, may much love and many blessings find their way into your life and may it be filled with happiness.

So that’s it, About Us, tick…


Eddie and Dave