So you've received your Mini Eats Garden? Awesome! Here's what to expect & how to make sure your garden grows sucessfully.

How to Setup Your Garden

Fill a bowl or bucket with 500mL of warm water, add the soil block & leave for about 5 minutes. Mix the soil around & break up any solid pieces that are left.
Add the soil to your pots leaving about 1cm space at the top. Place a seedmat into each pot & cover with soil until you can't see the seedmat anymore.
Fold the lid of the box inside & place your 3 pots into the box. Place your plants somewhere sunny and where you'll see them everyday to give them some water and love.

Your Plants

Part of the fun of your Mini Eats garden is finding out which plants you're growing. Here's the possible list of what you might have & some info about them


Also called cilantro or Chinese parsley

The entire plant is actually edible but most commonly the leaves & dried seeds are used in cooking. Most people think coriander has a tart, lemon/lime taste but about 10% of people have a gene which detects aldehyde chemicals & they think it tastes like bath soap.

When to eat it
You can pick the leaves once the plant has a reasonable growth (generally 3-4 weeks) & if you don't want seeds then remove the flowers as soon as they show to make sure the plant focuses it's energy on growing more leaves. If you're growing it for the seeds, wait until the flowers have died off before harvesting.

Top Tips for Growing your Garden

  • Put your garden somewhere with lots of sun & where you'll see it everyday. Check in to make sure your plants have enough water & give them a bit of love
  • Be patient. Some of the seeds can sprout after 3-4 days but some will take 2-3 weeks before you see anything. Don't worry if you don't see anything straight away.
  • Don't over water them. Use a spray bottle & 6-12 sprays per plant each day is usually good. A good way to judge is to feel the soil. If it feels damp & it sticks to your fingers it doesn't need any more water.