Welcome to all parents & students! Here at Freedawn we're focused on changing the way schools fundraise. By giving students the efficient tools they need to effectively raise funds we aim to remove what has long been a burden to parents. Students will also learn some amazing lessons as they earn tickets to redeem towards a range of charitable gifts while they experience the wonder of growing their own food. Let's Grow Together!

How it works

Your child will bring home an info pack with all the details on joining the fundraiser

After raising their first $15 we'll send you the details on picking up their own Mini Garden

Your child easily collect donations via the website or by using their unique text code


How does the school raise money?
As students grow their own mini garden they ask family and friends to sponsor them for doing so. Donation's can be received either via their personal fundraising page or by text using their unique code. To keep them motivated during the fundraiser there's a range of games & activities for them online. We also award them with tickets for every donation received that can be redeemed towards a great range of charitable gifts so they can experience the joy of not only raising money for their school but also making a real difference in the world.

Why Charitable Gifts?
We all know it's better to give than receive & there's an incredible joy and motivation that comes with giving something tangible to someone in need. With the wide range of charitable gifts each student can choose what they'd like to give - from planting a native tree to buying a vege garden for a family in need in Africa - these gifts will not only motivate but teach the incredible lesson of giving back to our kids.

Is it easy?
We've designed the entire system to be as simple as possible. To signup on the website takes less than 2 minutes and the mini garden comes with everything required for your child to grow their veges & herbs. All instructions are included and it takes about 5 minutes to set up and 1-2 minutes a day to give the plants some water & love.

Are my child's details secure?
Privacy was one of our primary concerns when designing the system so we've built the entire website using 256 bit SSL (https), similar to what your banking website uses, to make sure all information remains secure. Also if you'd prefer your child remain anonymous we give you the option of using only a Nickname/Username rather than your child's name - and the profile pictures are optional as well.